Brandon and Sarah Scott

Brother and sister team, Brandon and Sarah Scott, have been working in the apparel industry for over a decade. SCOTTxSCOTT has launched multiple brands under its umbrella, starting with the menswear line, BSCOTT, in 2008; followed by the women’s line, Sarah Scott; a bespoke accessory line, One of One; and multiple private label collaborations with retailers like Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, and Forever 21. Tired of the limitations imposed by the industry, high minimums, import taxes and quality limitations, they set out to create a new standard of American production. It started by approaching the same retailers they used to wholesale to by pitching them concepts to design a collection specifically for their store. From there, one client turned into ten, and ten into fifty. Now SCOTTxSCOTT is designing and manufacturing for some of the biggest brands in the world.

At SCOTTxSCOTT there are no limitations to what they can do. They believe that every designer should have a voice and a platform to express themselves–from the designer graduating school, to the mom at home launching her line, to bringing overseas production back to the US for established brands. Brandon and Sarah Scott strive to make socially conscious clothing, and ensure each person involved in the production line gets a fair pay and a safe place to work. Each garment created touches at least 100 hands, from the mill knitting the fabric, to the pattern maker, sewers, and the dye house; it is up to SCOTTxSCOTT to quality control at every level, and to catch the costly mistakes and find the shortcuts that can often make or break a collection. At SCOTTxSCOTT, the mission is to provide a full package production service from designing and development, to production and branding, at a competitive price with virtually no minimums.